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Apprenticeship bond of Lydia Spellman, Craven County, April 7, 1762

Although no last name is given in this apprenticeship paper, research in the county court records for Craven County show that this is Lydia Spellman, daughter of Sarah Spellman, as she was the only "Lydia" to be apprenticed to Anna Bryan during the months of March-April of 1762. Her siblings Aaron, Asa, and David Spellman

The ƒ character signifies the "f" used in colonial text, usually in cases of a double "s" where the first "s" looks like an "f" (ex: "witnefseth" instead of "witnesseth"), but it some cases, all "s" looks like an "f" (ex: "witneffeth"), in which case there will be double "ƒƒ"

This form was type-set with blanks for writing in names and dates. I have tried to duplicate that, but not all computers will show it as it depends on the fonts your computer has on it. If the script doesn't show up on your computer, the text size should be larger at least where it should appear, since I had to make the script text larger in order to be legible. Same goes for the signatures at the end.

This Indenture, made the Seventh Day of april in the Year of our Lord One Thousdand Seven Hundred Sixty Two Witneƒƒeth, That Jacob Blount Thomas Pollock and Christopher Dawson Eƒqrs. Juƒtices of Craven County Court have put and placed Lydia a free Negroe Girl an orphan of deceased, aged Thirteen Years an Apprentice to Mrs. Anna Bryan of the ƒaid County, with him to dwell, reƒide, and ƒerve until she the ƒsaid Apprentice ƒhall arrive at the Age of Eighteen Years, according to the Act of Aƒƒembly in that Caƒe made and provided ; during all which Time the ƒaid Apprentice his ƒaid Maƒter [replaced with "Mrs"] ƒhall faithfully ƒerve in all lawful Buƒineƒs, and orderly and obediently in all things behave herƒelf towards her ƒaid Maƒter [replaced with Mrs.], for and during the ƒaid Term, as an Apprentice ought to do. And the ƒaid Anna Bryan doth covenant, promiƒise and agree, to and with the ƒaid Juƒ;tices, and their Succeƒƒors, that he the ƒ Anna Bryan will provide and allow him [replaced with "her"] ƒaid Apprectice convenient and ƒufficent Meat, Drink, Lodging, and Appearrel, and uƒe his [replaced with "her"] beƒt Endeavours to inƒtruct her in the Art and Calling of a House and Plantation Buƒsineƒs and alƒo teach him to read and write before the Expiration of h Apprenticeƒhip. IN WITNESS whereof, the ƒaid Juƒtices by the Clerk of their County Court, and the ƒaid Anna Bryan hereunto Interchangeably ƒet their Heands and Seals, the Day and Year ƒirƒt above written.

    Signed, Sealed, and Delivered,
in the Preƒence of
Jacob Blount
Lom Lane
(? hard to read, very fancy script which means it illegible, surname could be "Land")
Thoms. Pollock
Stephen York
Christ. Dawson
Anna Bryan

Source Citation: (use this information to request a photocopy from the State Archives of North Carolina)
  • Call number at the State Archives of North Carolina: C.R. 028.101.1
  • Series: Craven County
  • Box: Apprentice Bonds
  • Folder: Apprentice Bonds and Records 1748, 1754, 1757, 1759, 1761-65, 1768-69
  • Document: Lydia, April 7, 1762

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