Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mariages Bonds of Free Persons of Color

Hi folks, here are some marriage bonds I copied from books of marriage bonds at the State Archives of North Carolina. This are arranged by County. I do not have all the counties, only a few, and these are only for marriages before 1866. For the last one in Orange County, they were not marked as (col.) as the others, but they are included because I know they were free persons of color. I've kept the text of the actual entry as it was listed in the books, but the format is off because of the limitations of blogspot. Page number refers to the page number in that particular county's book. The name of the book is in italics and the archives do no use call number for their books.

Caswell County Marriage Bonds
GroomBrideDateBondsman and Witnessespage
Stevens, William x (col.)Rosetta Hughes (col.)11 June 1859Johns (x) Freeman
md. 11 June 1859 by
N. M. Lewis, J.P.

Nash County Marriage Bonds
GroomBrideDateBondsman and Witnessespage
Boon, NathanFrances Scott31 Jan. 1859Ira W. Futrell
(w) Isaac Peele C.C.C.
Boon, WilliamEliza Francis Boon22 Dec. 1852Shadrach -x- Boon
(w) Wm. H. Hughes D.O.

Orange County Marriage Bonds
GroomBrideDateBondsman and Witnessespage
Stewart, RuffinElizabeth Bibby30 Aug. 1838Robert x Mitchell
(w) J. Taylor

Petition From the Inhabitants of Granville County, 1771 - The Source

Hi folks,

It's been brought to my attention that I didn't list the source for this petition posted on June 4, 2007. I'm really sorry, that was just a big oversight on my part. Here is the source citation:

Location: North Carolina State Archives
Collection: General Assembly Session Records
Novemer-December, 1771, Box #5
Lower House Papers
Petitions Rejected or not Acted on
Petition from the inhabitants of Granville
1771, Entd.

I believe I originally found the transcription of the petition in either the Colonial Records of North Carolina or The State Records of North Carolina by Walter Clark and William L. Saunder. They are both considered the same series of 26 volumes, I believe Saunders did the Colonial Records of North Carolina part of the series, which was then continued by Clark as the State Records of North Carolina. Unfortunately, this was one of the very first documents I found and I didn't record where it was in those books. I will try to look that up this week and add that information. There were actually quite a few petitions either about free Blacks or that free Blacks signed and I found the originals to them all in Clark and Saunders series.